Swedish Massage

This is the oldest form of medical treatment used since 3000B.C. Different techniques such as effleurage, kneading, cupping, wringing and massaging of the soft tissue of muscles are applied to reduce stress, tension and soreness. Draping with a towel or sheet is used to insure your comfort and privacy. Oils and lotions are also used along with soothing music.

1/2 Hour 1 Hour 1 1/2 Hour
$45 $75 $110
Sports Massage

Typically designed for athletes, it is a more vigorous massage along with stretching and range of motion for muscles and joints. Helps prevent injuries, relieves swelling, reduces fatigue and promotes flexibility. Great for over used muscles and helps improve circulation.

1 Hour 1 1/2 Hour
$85 $120
Stone Massage

Basalt stones are heated and placed on the body to create a warm, relaxing effect. Helps improve circulation and relieves soreness in muscles. It has a warm and calming effect on the mind, body and spirit.

1 1/4 Hour
Trigger Point Massage

Trigger point therapy is the manipulation of active trigger points found in muscle tissue. This treatment is used to treat cases of chronic pain or situations of limited range of motion. This form of treatment is effective for a wide variety of physical problems caused by muscle strain.

1 Hour
Prenatal Massage

A great way for expectant mothers to relieve stress mentally and physically. Helps to relax and improve circulation during pregnancy. Body cushions are used to help support the tummy as you enjoy laying face down without hurting the baby.

1 Hour
Blended Massage

Classic Swedish, deep tissue, and trigger point are blended to alleviate muscular tension.

45 Minutes 1 Hour
$60 $80